Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Video of Valle de Elqui

This man can sing better than I can record videos, and that's saying something, but here is a little taste of what we saw on our adventure. It starts out with us in the over priced Mistral restaurant. Then walking around the streets of Elqui, outside the church near a fountain. Next we are at the pisco distillery de Los Nichos.
And the song came from a man on our bus from La Serena to Valle de Elqui. He just hopped on, played a tune, asked for change and hopped off.


  1. I'm jealous. What fun. Loved the murals on the wall of the distillery!

  2. I went there. Did you get the evil lady tour guide. How do you feel about the pisco? Beware the piscola and have fun on the dia de independencia. Learn the Queca.

  3. love seeing pics. It helps me put the two of you in a frame when I think about you.