Monday, January 10, 2011

Last day in Chile

Hello loyal blog readers.
Here we are at the very end of the adventure. And of course, now I almost don't want to go...almost. In the end we have made a lot of really great friends here who I hope I will see again in my life. The beauty of doing an exchange is that now Zach and I can travel to Europe and we have places to stay in Germany, Spain and France. We also have lots of friends here in Chile who want us to come back.
Just before returning to the United States, we got to enjoy a great christmas gift from my dad which was a tour in Torres Del Paine (a.k.a Patagonia) for 6 days. We started out with a 4 day trek through a mountain range called The W. We saw glaciers, llamas, went horse back riding, hiked more than 50 kilometers (>31 miles), camped for four days, while also enjoying the amenities of what must have been a four star resort in the middle-of-nowhere Patagonia.
We had a guided tour through the national park of Torres Del Paine, and our guides were great. Our day of horse riding was also amazing, but after 7 hours in the saddle, we were ready to dismount and relax.
After our exciting outdoor adventures we returned to ConcepciĆ³n, but only for about 2 days. Just enough time to pack, buy pisco and Chilean wine, and say a fond farewell to all our friends here.
Luckily for us we have a friend from ConcepciĆ³n who is now living in Albuquerque for the next 2 years or so. So we have someone to practice Spanish with on a regular basis.
I am pretty sure Zach is going to post some pictures of Torres del Paine once we get back and settled into our house.
Thanks to everyone who followed our journey here.