Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of School!!!

Ahhhh there is nothing like the first day of school. And I haven't been as nervous as I was this morning since my first day of public high school and my first date combined. But that only lasted for about 20 minutes. The first class of the day was Opinion Journalism.
Zach and I had met with the professor before because he is the head of the journalism department. He was really nice and helped us out during our little meeting. But there were surprises in plenty during the first day of classes.
So back to the first class, opinion. It started at 11:00 AM, and we arrived at the university with about 5 minutes to spare. After we found the classroom we went and sat inside, thinking that we were just on time. Wrong. We sat in the class for about 10 minutes before the professor walked in. About 5 minutes after that, the huge group of students sitting outside the classroom smoking cigarettes meandered in and took their seats. I don't know why we didn't expect this, but it was weird for us semi-timely Americans.
The class went as usual for the first day. We went over the syllabus, but only after a mildly embarrassing introduction to the rest of the class, probably about 30 people. Our lovely profe turned to the both of us and told everyone we were the extranjeros from the United States and everyone just looked at us blankly. But hey, I guess it's a good way to meet people. I just wasn't quite expecting that, and was red in the face for the whole introduction process.
Onto our next class after a 2 hour lunch break, an anthropology class called Culture and Language of Mapuche (the Mapuche are the indigenous people of Chile). Despite trying to take different classes, it worked out that the fun classes, and classes that fit best in our schedule were the same. But we only have 3 classes together out of 5.
Anyways.... we went to the Mapuche class at 3 PM and waited outside that class for about 10 minutes. Then a group of obviously not Chilean girls walked up to us and asked in slow foreigner Spanish if this was the Mapuche class. There were 3 German girls and 2 French girls all a little confused as to where the class was, and why upon arrival, the door was locked. It turns out the class doesn't start till next week... a week after all the other classes start. Those silly Anthropologists.
So there it is, our first day of school in Concepción. The first week here is similar to the first week at UNM. Half the classes only last for 30 minutes, and the other half are canceled till the next week.


  1. I always loved the first day of school from elementary through college....the promise of new things and new people always was exciting.

  2. I also love the first day of school. new stuff happening, new people, possibility stirring. where are Zach's blogs? Get that boy writing. I'd like to hear from him too.