Sunday, July 4, 2010

Purple Octopus

Today we went to a Peruvian/Chilean restaurant that had delicious seafood. We had purple octopus that was amazing. If you would have asked me four years ago if I was ever going to eat octopus I would have said no, more like hell no. But it was delicious!! Suction cups and all. We ate some super yummy cold-water white fish, squid, shrimp, all with delicious citrus sauces and potatoes. All of it was amazing and I think that if you think you don't like seafood (like I thought for a long time) you must come to Chile.
Before almuerzo (lunch) we went to this huge outdoor market with some crazy fruits and vegetables. The carrots here are the size of my forearm, i kid you not, the same size as my forearm. You can buy a kilo of avocados for 2 US dollars.
That's all for now,
yours truly,
Hunter Spice
p.s. sorry there aren't pictures of the food. next time I will take some with my phone.


  1. What a yum-o way to spend Fourth of July! Glad to hear about the veg. Your skin, your hair, and your general joy de viv depend on them!

  2. I am not sure that I could get past those suction cups.

  3. it was hard for me, but I decided that not eating it would be worse. It turns out, I was sooo right. It was delicious