Monday, July 5, 2010

Por Entro

Joder este humo! I am so done with the pollution here in Santiago, I feel like I've been smoking 5 ciggs a day. But we are going to concí tomorrow, so I think I have good timing. We went to the immigration office and waited in line with all of the peruvians for like an hour only to find out we were in the wrong line, and the line we needed to be in only really took about 5 minutes to get But after that we exchanged the last of our US dollars at a bank. Came back to the apartment ate lunch with the kid....better meal so far at home, soup with lots of beans and tomatoes and vegetables. Then we went and got cell phones at a mall looked at clothes/motorcylces. I could get a moto here for like 500$ brand new....its tempting, but I think I should pass on the whole owning to many posessions that I have to sell before we leave.
Anyways we walked across the city and ate dinner at this place a friend suggested. Mostly grilled meat with french fries....lots and lots of french fries. At the end of the meal it didn't even look like we ate
So all of that took 8 hours...suprisingly, and now I am back in the apartment and exhausted. Probably from all that walking. I mean it wasn't a gigantic amount but with the smog and all, I think it takes more of a toll.
Next time I will take photos, I don't know why I haven't yet. Probably because a lot of the things I want to take pictures of aren't totally appropriate. There is a very poor migrant population here, you can walk down the street and see in their rooms....I feel like taking a picture would make me a peeping tom. But as a little time passes I feel more and more comfortable.


  1. Why do they have such a smog problem? I'd love to see more pics. Maybe you could rent a motorcycle or scooter while your there?